Tuesday, 10 May 2011

signs I've learnt

Dear people,
I realised the other day how many signs I've learnt over the years with my family. Sometimes they are very predictable.

signs that it's outside time (the best sort of time):
someone has the black, clicky thing out,
someone has put things on their feet,
the washing basket is out,
anyone says outside.

signs that is food time (the best sort of time also):
someone comes outside around dinner or breakfast time,
someone comes out and picks parsley,
the sound of my bowl.

signs it's cuddle time:
someone calls my name non-stop,
someone squats down.

signs it's time for a walk:
mum gets my harness,
someone else gets my harness,
people put special things on their feet really early in the morning.

So many signs, I can read them like a map.

lots of licks, pats and cuddles,