Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Signing off.

Well, this is the last post from the Favourite Puppy blog.
Since Archie passed away we've been adding to our collection of memories, but the time has come to sign off.
None of us ever thought we would be saying goodbye to our little poochie so soon, but he'll have a place in our hearts forever.

"with you forever"
(10 November 2008 – 26 January 2012)

What I'll remember: Vickie

I'm not sure I can put into words what I'll remember about Archie.

He was so full of love & life. Always so happy to see us - even if he then took off straight after, we got a tail wag first.

I'll remember how he'd always come you if you crouched down & called him, how he'd crowd in against you legs - & always seemed a little confused if you happened to be wearing a long skirt & he disappeared under it.

I'll remember the first time he got over the barrier (the very first year, when he was tiny & still sleeping inside), in the middle of the night & wouldn't go back to bed, wanting to sit in my lap instead. How when he was small, he'd climb into your lap the minute you sat down.

Picking him up & watching over the gate together, getting the inside of my elbow licked as soon as I started wearing short sleeves, playing in the long grass, watching him watch bubbles float away above his head, cuddles, sharing the red couch in the morning, even getting licked while holding him, I miss it all.

I just miss Archie & I'll remember him, always

Archie & I, September 2011

a few of his favourite things

most of his favourite things weren't really things, but activities, like running,

going for a walk,

sleeping - some of his favourite places to lay: by the gate, by the front door, in his beanbag, on the red couch

eating - his favourite food was, well, food (except for lettuce), but he especially loved cheese & anything one of his people was eating.

chasing lizards & then sleeping in the sun, especially in his favourite mild & sunny weather...


& giving his people a good licking

Archie through the ages: 2011 + Jan '12

Archie's third year was full of running, barking, playing, even having a bath or few. His training continued & he got better & better at it. A selection of photos from his year + from January 2012...

Posted in loving memory of Archie (10th November, 2008 – 26th January, 2012)