Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Remarkable Forest

We had morning tea in the nursery this past Wednesday. After we had explored a bit and took some family portraits, it was threatening to rain. So, we took a short trip to see the King Tree then headed to Melrose where we had lunch.
It's a beautiful town, built beside Mt. Remarkable (which is huge!). We got some information about the track to the top (like that Archie can't come) and went for a walk up to the first check point, the only place Archie can go.
It was a lovely day...

Archie walked into the shallow part of a little river and got very dirty. We've been told that because of the trees, the muck in the water is like dye. 

After we got home, Amy and I bathed him...and Amy had to shampoo his legs four times.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Archie's friend who he ignores in favour of a mouse.

    Other dog: Hello! I am a visitor to your yard!

    Archie: Hello, unfamiliar doggie!

    Archie: I like you and we can be friends now!
    Other dog: Sure thing, Archie!

    Other dog: Hey, Archie! Where are you running too, Archie?

    Other dog: Fine then, I will leave and go and explore other places! Here I am leaving.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mt. Ellen

On Wednesday we walked a 6km return track. It was so beautiful and lots of fun but also hard work.
Archie loved it! although he didn't understand why we weren't sharing more of our tea and sandwiches with him.

Oh, and Amy finished her 52wks!