Thursday, 29 April 2010


Archie loves going down to the oval for a run and a walk in the morning...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Attention Archibald; The afternoon light is coming for you!


We went down to the forest so Amy could do a photoshot with Vickie.

Of course we took Archie, and I was so surprised at how well he behaved! On the way down I held him, so he could look out the window, and he didn't really try to walk backwards and forwards like normal.

He hardly pulled on the leash, he'd stop and wait when they stopped to take photos, and he stayed on the path most of the time; it was so easy to get him to come back onto the path when he wondered.

On the way back, he was so tried, he just lay on mum's lap. I think he had a lot of fun there!



Friday, 16 April 2010

Archie-boy's Week

 {Me, looking around}
Dear People,

I've had a very interesting week! Now I will tell you about it.

On Saturday lots of people appeared for something called the folk fair. I had fun barking at them and running around. On Sunday Amy and Kathryn took me out to the fair, I was very excited but also a little scared so Amy held me. In her arms I could see all the people really well. I was really shaky but I got use to all the people after a little bit.
I meet another dog called Oliver, he was very friendly and being carried, too! I few people patted me, at first I was freaked out but then I liked it.
It was fun!


It has been the best weather lately, cold and sunny. 
I have been hunting mice and lizards. I caught a few mice but my pack always took them away from me, I think it's because they were jealous of how good a hunter I am.
They tell me they don't want me to try to eat them because they could give me sickness; jealousy.

Such a lovely week other than Tuesday when my ear got sore. So sore, Kathryn sprayed some stuff in my ear and it helped; I was running around the next day!

This was also good, we went for a walk and then at home I ran around a lot!

So that was my week. Now more cute photos of me!
 {me, watching some more}

lots of licks, belly scratches and love,

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Archie: The best of

Well, not really; just a few super cute photos of him.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Plastic fantastic!

We have a table cover that is rarely used, and Archie loves laying on it!