Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mr Pink, a moustached mastermind, begins to put his plan in place...

Mr Pink, a moustached mastermind, begins to put his plan in place...

“Mwahaha, soon the world will be mine!” He laughed. Originally he had planned to make the world cream to reflect the colour of his beauty but for some reason pink was easier to do, like the world longed to be pink.

It mattered little to him (he would have his own patch of secret land that would remain normal) but he knew his arch nemesis, Mr Green, would take it hard, like a blow to his chest. His favourite colour was green and he ran around saving trees and such with the occasional human rescue thrown in.

With that pesky Rottweiler out of the way, Mr Pink could get on with the busy task of world dominion.

The other day I needed Archie to play my villain for PPT and it was difficult to get a picture before he got distracted by treats of tried to eat the moustache but he was such a good boy over all.

Here are some cute and funny out-takes;

(my favourite)

"get this thing off of my!" Archie yells.

(it looks like his poking his tongue out but really I just caught him mid lick)

...distracted by treats...

trying to eat the pipecleaner



Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Archie is 1 today!

It's Archie's birthday today!
Well, this is the day we have decided to celebrate it. It's around the time he was born but we don't know the exact date.
So, he's not a puppy anymore but is still so cute.
Pity it didn't cool down for Archie, been so hot here today and Archie prefers cool and sunny days.

When we got him;


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wirabarra Forest

We took Archie for his first trip to the Wirabarra Forest on Wednesday and even though it was hotter then we wanted, we all had a good time and Archie tired himself out.
When we got back to town, we picked up our lunch but Archie didn't would to wait so Vickie walked him most of the way. Less then a block before the house he just stopped and looked at her, so he was carried the rest of the way then got a meaty snack.

Now, time for photos! (I love the third photo, he looks like a puppy)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Half of what he was before...

Archie 1edit

Archie got a much needed haircut last week and he came back half the size! (well, not really half)
He's ears are so small now and he gets slightly less seeds stuck in his fur.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Archie loves to play!

This afternoon Amy played tug-a-war with Archie and I happily snapped away.
Here are a few of our favourites;

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Archie has been many things, a gentleman, a bud, a spy, and this week he's a sheep...

Kathryn: So Archie What have you been up to in your 52 weeks project lately?
Archie: I was a bud and met a very nice Gardner

Then I pretended to be human

To see more of Amy's 52weeks project, go here.

Anyway, this week Pretty Pink Themed Weekend's theme was Nursery Rhyme and Amy did little bo peep with Archie as her sheep.

Here are the outtakes

Archie was very cuddly after photo taking.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fun down by the river - 28th & 30th

We've had a lot of rain lately, enough to make the rocky river flow. We didn't go down when it was really full but we went down to the part that runs through our town on the 28th then again on the 29th.
It's so pretty and peaceful. Archie liked the water, he is a poodle after all.
So the first time it was just us girls then the second time we took Mum.

Archie wanted to get in the water but we didn't let him because we weren't sure if we should.

When we come home everyone asked why we didn't let Archie in the water, so we decided to go back on his next walk day.

The day was warm and windy but down at the river is was pleasant and the water was cold. The river was slightly lower.

He loved getting into the water!

When he would get in any more we thought maybe he just wanted to explore.

But when we got closer we saw he was shivering a lot.
We think it's because he was very wet and the water was cold and the air cool. Only our feet got wet so we were fair.
Amy picked him up and carried him, he really enjoyed that!

I think he really enjoyed himself, us girls all did!

*photos taken by Amy, Kathryn, Vickie, Alice