Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fun down by the river - 28th & 30th

We've had a lot of rain lately, enough to make the rocky river flow. We didn't go down when it was really full but we went down to the part that runs through our town on the 28th then again on the 29th.
It's so pretty and peaceful. Archie liked the water, he is a poodle after all.
So the first time it was just us girls then the second time we took Mum.

Archie wanted to get in the water but we didn't let him because we weren't sure if we should.

When we come home everyone asked why we didn't let Archie in the water, so we decided to go back on his next walk day.

The day was warm and windy but down at the river is was pleasant and the water was cold. The river was slightly lower.

He loved getting into the water!

When he would get in any more we thought maybe he just wanted to explore.

But when we got closer we saw he was shivering a lot.
We think it's because he was very wet and the water was cold and the air cool. Only our feet got wet so we were fair.
Amy picked him up and carried him, he really enjoyed that!

I think he really enjoyed himself, us girls all did!

*photos taken by Amy, Kathryn, Vickie, Alice

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