Friday, 16 April 2010

Archie-boy's Week

 {Me, looking around}
Dear People,

I've had a very interesting week! Now I will tell you about it.

On Saturday lots of people appeared for something called the folk fair. I had fun barking at them and running around. On Sunday Amy and Kathryn took me out to the fair, I was very excited but also a little scared so Amy held me. In her arms I could see all the people really well. I was really shaky but I got use to all the people after a little bit.
I meet another dog called Oliver, he was very friendly and being carried, too! I few people patted me, at first I was freaked out but then I liked it.
It was fun!


It has been the best weather lately, cold and sunny. 
I have been hunting mice and lizards. I caught a few mice but my pack always took them away from me, I think it's because they were jealous of how good a hunter I am.
They tell me they don't want me to try to eat them because they could give me sickness; jealousy.

Such a lovely week other than Tuesday when my ear got sore. So sore, Kathryn sprayed some stuff in my ear and it helped; I was running around the next day!

This was also good, we went for a walk and then at home I ran around a lot!

So that was my week. Now more cute photos of me!
 {me, watching some more}

lots of licks, belly scratches and love,

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