Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Remarkable Forest

We had morning tea in the nursery this past Wednesday. After we had explored a bit and took some family portraits, it was threatening to rain. So, we took a short trip to see the King Tree then headed to Melrose where we had lunch.
It's a beautiful town, built beside Mt. Remarkable (which is huge!). We got some information about the track to the top (like that Archie can't come) and went for a walk up to the first check point, the only place Archie can go.
It was a lovely day...

Archie walked into the shallow part of a little river and got very dirty. We've been told that because of the trees, the muck in the water is like dye. 

After we got home, Amy and I bathed him...and Amy had to shampoo his legs four times.

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