Friday, 6 February 2009

Archie goes fishing

OK, so the last few weeks have been really hot here and Archie wasn't doing so good while the nights were hot but when the nights got cooler and Archie spent more time outside behind the couch, where it's cool, he started to get back to normal.
Haven't posted for a little while so it's time for some photos!

First some photos from a windy day, I think these were taken before the heat wave and by Amy;

Then one evening while we were watering the peach tree, Archie decided to play in the water and get all muddy;

When he runs around the yard his fur picks up lots of seeds;

Lastly, he like to play in the pot, under the peach, that we use to water the tree. He moves the water with his paw and tries to catch little bits;

Isn't he cute?


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  2. Cute post, he's a ratbag, isn't he :)

  3. Great photos, especially the one of the disappearing dog.