Wednesday, 17 June 2009

GivenName; Archibald Simons

KnownAs; Archie
CodeName; Ratusbagus

Archie is always on the look out and ready to be called into action at anytime...

One Wednesday morning Archie spots a messager boy from Them. He thanks the messager and read the letter, they want him to go under-cover and find out what the Others are up to.

He goes investigating right away and find some clues, he follows them quick, smart.

They lead him to a farm where he poses as a lamb and follows the suspicious farmhand until he finds her to be another agent.

They share information then they both continue with their case.

He disguises himself and listens on the streets, knowing that his disguise is perfect. He over hears someone he shouldn’t have leaves for another city, following this person.

In a park Ratusbagus listens to music and blends in, all the while watching in exchange between the persona and another. He follows this new person to a fancy-pantsy office building but can’t get in.

He thought of another perfect disguise, this one was so brilliant he almost surprised himself.

With a second agent, they got into the building pretending to be super heroes. They find him and more clues that needed to be unravelled. They went outside to talk things over.

With his brilliant mind, Ratusbagus solved the case, he know what to do and they were off!

Disguising themselves as movie stars…

They got invited to go the opening night the Others were targeting.

On the red carpet the Others attacked the leading actors but Ratusbagus was there and, using his incredible intellect, out smarted them and saved everyone.

After a long Day, Archie rests, knowing his done it again.

I posted this because, other then it just being fun, I wanted to show all the things Archie’s been.


  1. great post Kathryn, love the story.....& Archie is awesome :)

  2. This is very clever, I love it.