Saturday, 29 August 2009

He's just less of a boy now, you might say...

As Amy put it so well.
Archie went to the vet around 10am yesterday and came home at around 5:30pm.
Why was he at the vet?
To be desexed. He came home almost asleep and with not much control of his body and with a little shaved patch on his leg. Even though I knew he'd be alright, I was really worried seeing him like that. As the night went on he began to wake up more and regain some movement. He'd looked up at you and wag the tip of his tail.

Amy stayed up late to watch Dance and then couldn't sleep so she was up with him. He had a wheatbag to keep him warm, too. She said he stood up in the night.

This morning he got up to eat a little breakfast and he's went outside a few times today but has slept a lot.
So, he's going back to normal but he is slow and a little wobbly at the moment.

Here's some photos I took of him today;
He looks so sleepy in this one.

Getting pats from his mummy

giving mum a lick

outside exploring...slowly

with Amy in their weekly self portrait

Asleep again

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