Monday, 22 February 2010

Sticky seeds, hot weather and wooden floor boards

It seems to have been a warm, sometimes very hot, February.
The sticky seeds that live in our backyard have come back and Amy and I have been very good at brushing Archie almost everyday. Still, though, every grooming session he begins covered in seeds!
And the poor baby doesn't like getting his front paws brushed.

I have started to read a dog training book and am still determined to have a well trained dog by the end of the year. Archie is getting really good at 'wait' (the word we use instead of stay) and we don't really have to hold him back much.
He must sit and wait before he comes inside and before he has food. He is so good.

Dad took up the broken tiles in one of our halls and for a little while, till Dad put new flooring down, the old wooden boards were exposed. They looked lovely. Bath mats were put down to make it safer to walk across. Archie loved laying on the fluffy ones.


When it's hot we squirt water on Archie's head to make him cooler.

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