Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Daily Dose of Cuteness: day 2

the Stupendously Fantastical Adventures of...

Super Archie hears Devious Misdoings afoot

Sonic Yawn!

Justice is Done.


  1. WOOO! Go Archie!
    I love love love all your pictures Archie, you're utterly adorable and possibly sort of my new favourite celebrity!
    Tell us: what is the little red (it used to be green) token on your collar? It's a fetching little dash of colour that shows up very well in some of your photos. (These photos! Gorgeous!)
    Thank you always for brightening my day, Archie!
    Pats and a scratch on the tummy,

  2. super archie to the rescue :)

  3. Dear Dora,
    You are very welcome, I am glad my brightness extends to your day.
    The token on my collar is my trusty tag, if I ever get lost they can use it to help me find my way.
    pats, licks and tummy rubs,

    Also, thank you to my Vickie who I just remembered I miss!