Friday, 16 December 2011

Super Archie vs. Dasterdly Tinsel Gangsters

the Stupendously Fantastical Adventures of...

While on patrol, Super Archie hears the unmistakable cry of a citizen in trouble
He springs into action at lighting speed!

Oh no! It's Super Archie's beloved sister, Kathryn von Twinklebottom, being attacked by Dasterdly Tinsel Gangsters! 
Super Archie leaps to his sisters defence!

Super Archie finds himself in an epic struggle against mulitple Foes!

Justice 2 - 0 Villainy
Super Archie is victorious and Kathryn von Twinklebottom is alive, though she is admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

 Satisfied that order has been restored, Super Archie rides away in his Vickiemobile

Merry Almost Christmas from Super Archie!

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