Saturday, 18 February 2012

What I'll remember: Amy

It's hard to put into words what I'll remember about Archie. There's are so many small things, cute stories and memories, but mostly it's his fundamental, essential characteristics that I'll hold with me.

To me, Archie was pure joy. Seeing him, tailing wagging and tongue lolling, would always make you feel better. If someone was sad, frustrated, anxious, or despairing over something, they would promptly be prescribed "puppy medicine". This particular treatment, which involved pats and cuddles, was proven to be extremely effective.

He was also unconditional love. It was his excitement at seeing his family after they had been away; going absolutely mad when we came home from a trip; or transforming into Mr Cuddly for the first few people to get up in the morning. He had his moments when he was all cuddles and sweetness, as well as the times when all he wanted to do was play with us. Sometimes when I was patting him or holding him, I would wonder how it was possible to love something so small so much. My heart felt like it would burst with it.

I miss him; all his funny little quirks and habits; his sweet nature; his exuberance and excitement. And I doubt that will ever change, but eventually I'll be able remember him with smiles instead of tears. Eventually. 


Myself and Archie, January 2010.

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