Saturday, 17 March 2012

the little things

Archie meant very brave; bold; valuable and he was so dear to us and, although not the bravest puppy in the world, he could be quite bold (like how he lay on the back on that couch a lot).

He was born in the year of the rat and he was a rat-bag, it was a leap year like my birth year and he was a Scorpio like Amy.
Archie had so many quirks, the way one of his back leg's would hop a little sometimes when he ran or walked and how his little tongue would poke out.

He had lots of names: zoo zoo bon, mr baby, fuzz face, mr 9, Ar-choo, mr pancakes and many more.
James said once Archie's nickname was Thunder because he doesn't do much but makes a lot of noise, I thought that was cute & funny.
He was really good at his training and would run straight to the back door to go out and bark and he would wait patiently till we let him run to us for his treat.
He had songs sung about him and mottos made for him, like 'get rewarded' or if translated into Latin and back 'for the aim of the prize', another is now very apt and made my heart ache when I read it: 'with you forever'.
Archie liked to chase bubbles (lizards, mice & birds, too) and lick ears & necks, he loved to run and to go on walks. 
And the biggest thing he did was love his family with all his being, just as we loved him.

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